Home Escape Plan



If you smell smoke, never open a door until you have checked it for heat with the back of your hand.


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If you wake up and smell smoke, get on the floor and crawl to the nearest fire exit or window.
Once you are out of the house, never go back in to look for your parents or favorite toys, stay outside at your meeting place!
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Call 911 in case of emergency, and make sure you know the correct address of the emergency when you do.

Parents, remember that children will often try to hide from fire, be sure to check all closets and under the bed for children during fire emergencies.

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If your clothes catch on fire, Stop, Drop and Roll, Covering Your Face!

Remember, never store flammable items such as, wood, chemicals or oily and dirty rags near heat sources.

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Ask your parents to help you make a fire escape plan for your home using the model to the right.  Make sure that everyone knows where to meet and most importantly, practice your escape plan on a regular basis. planmodel.jpg (18355 bytes)



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